Fishing Report: August 6th, 2010


Anderson: Those who are looking for a good crappie bite should look toward the back of the bridge. The same can be said for those looking for bluegill. Wax worms have been working wonders in the area.

Berkeley: Rocky Point and Muir Beach were the best places of the week, as both managed to bring in great Salmon. Some are managing to pick up some decent amounts of Halibut and Rock Cod.

Berryessa: Suspended fish are helping to bring in a decent amount of smallmouth bass. Look to get at least 30 feet below the surface of the water.

Camanche: Anyone managing to get down 40 feet will be sure to find some decent trout. Best fishing has been found by Little Hat Island and Hat Island. Bass are biting pretty decent as well, especially in the mornings. Catfish is still strong in the area as well.

Capitola: Use Squid if you want to pick up a decent catch of Halibut.

Calero: A great spot for those looking for South Bay Bass. Go early or late to get the best fishing possible.

Chabot: Catfish is not the best this week, with the bite being slow at best. Head out toward dusk if you want the best fishing. Head near Raccoon Point and Bass cove if you are looking for the best bass fishing in the area.

Clear: Head underneath the docks if you are looking for a somewhat strong Bass bite. At night, crappie is the best. Catfish are also being caught at night, making this a great night fishing destination.

Contra Loma: Not the best spot for fishing this week. Catfish is slow at best. The area simply hasn’t seen a plant of catfish in weeks.

Coyote: Crappie is going to stay somewhat strong this week, even though the majority of the fish are small.

Del Valle: Striper and Catfish fishing has been good, making it one of the better locations of the week. Catfish are continuing to be planted each and every week. Head to the dam for the most/best catfish.

Emeryville: Rock Fish has been strong, as has Halibut.

LaFayette: Trout fishing and Catfish fishing has been slow at best. Panfish are being found around the docks.

Los Vaqueros: Stripers, Largemouth Bass, and Catfish are all being round in the area, making it a relatively strong fishing spot for the week.

Loch Lomond: Been somewhat slow over the last week or so, thanks to the temperature of the water. Both Bluegill and Bass has been disappointing at best.

New Hogan: If you are looking for some striped bass, this is your place. Target Deer Flat and Whisky Creek’s Damn are pulling in some great fish.

McAlpine: Trout, Bass, and Catfish are all biting well in the area. Best fishing is going on in the morning, but good results are seen throughout the day.

Monterey: Rock Cod has been strong at Point Sur, picking up red, yellow, and a little ling.

Pacifica: Striped Bass has been somewhat decent around the Half Moon Bay and Ocean Beach.

Pardee: Upstream is providing decent bass fishing, both smallmouth and largemouth. Look to get 30 feet or deeper if you are looking to get in some trout and so kokanee, which happen to be found around the front of the dam. Catfish are being found at the south end of the lake.

Quarry Lakes: Do not be fooled by the multiple plants that have gone into the Quarry Lakes in recent weeks. Both catfish and trout fishing has been slow at best, despite plants of both. Anyone looking to do some fishing in the area should go with Fisherman’s Row, as it has been one of the few places to find fish.

San Francisco Bay: Head to the south bar to get some of the best Halibut fishing in the area. Some Stripers are being caught near Mel’s Reef, but only at certain times, when the tide is perfect.

San Luis Reservoir: The bridge and the forebay (check 12) are the best spots to find some decent fishing in the area.

Santa Cruz: Rock Cod has been strong, with Halibut being somewhat strong as well. Head to Ano Nuevo, Capitola, and Davenport.

Santa Margarita: Bluegill and Catfish are biting decently. Bass fishing has been slow at best.

Shadow Cliffs: Catfish is coming in strong, especially on chicken livers. Head to the third dock for the best fishing in the area.

UVAS: the only decent catch of the week is coming from catfish, thanks to a few 4 pounders.


Antioch: This place is becoming a growing place to fish, thanks to rising numbers for Striped Bass, especially off of the pier.

Frank’s Tract: Those who are looking for good black bass fishing should go to the area. Striped bass are starting to become somewhat regular. Many are pulling up stripers of the schoolie size.

Pittsburg: Looking for Sturgeon: Head to the following Buoys: 2, 34, and 33

Rio Vista: Striped Bass has been decent in the area thanks to some good sizes. Look for bass in the 8+ pound range.

Tracy: Not the best spot for fishing, although some are managing to pick up some striped bass and largemouth bass.

Photo Credits: Velo Steve

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