Fishing Report: October 9, 2009


Lake Fishing -

In Amador, the trout plants are beginning during this week, and we are going to see about 15 tons worth of trout going in by the time the week is over. This is 30,000 pounds worth of trout going in at around the 2lb class. This is the largest stocking operation that has ever been undertaken at this particular lake. At Berryessa, the bass fishing seems to have been good as of late. You should plan on fishing deep with plastics or spoons, and you should expect to find spotted bass, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. There are still some Kokanee being caught here as well, but deeper down at around 70 feet to 90 feet.

In the Camanche, the trout seem to be moving into the shallower waters, and trollers are beginning to find action at around 20 feet to 30 feet underneath the surface. The bass are currently taking top water lures, especially during the evening hours. Another solid option for fishing here is catfish. The trout bite at Chabot has finally begun to kick in. If you dunk bait near the dam or in the Indian Cove, you will pull out some planted rainbows. Trollers still appear to be having difficulties.

At Clear lake, crank baits, swim baits and lipless crank baits are going to bring out bass in and around the 3lb range from the middle of the south lake area. The fish seem to be scattered, so you should keep moving if you do not find any action right away. At Contra Loma, you are going to find that the best fishing will be for catfish, especially around Channel Point, and especially around the boat launch. You may also find some smaller bass here.

At Davis, the water temperature is ideal right now for fishing for trout. Fly fishermen seem to be hooking several dozen fish with every outing, and even trollers are receiving limits. Shore fishing has only been so-so. The size class for the landed fish has ranged from 12 inches to 20 inches. Fly fishing has also been hot, especially in the north eastern end of the lake. For the best results, you should fish along the weed lines, especially at about 7 to 10 feet in depth. Trolling between 8 feet and 12 feet is going to get you some good results as well. Shore fishermen are getting good results when they arrive with night crawlers or with power bait on a sliding sinker.

In Del Valle, the crowds are lessening and the winds seem to be making the fishing difficult on weekends. Visiting trollers are getting trout when fishing near the dam. There are also stripers to be had, especially along the Marina which is where the trout plants are occurring. At Lafayette, it is currently time for a transition between the trout and bass. Some people are catching both, and some people are not catching anything. The best bite for bass occurs in the evening. The trout plants are going to be occurring in about 2 weeks.

At Los Vaqueros, fishing for trout has been hit or miss, especially along the South Cove and the Rock Wall. The best option here is going to be Power Bait. At New Melones, the trout fishing has been fair for trollers at about 40 feet to 60 feet in depth. The brown trout are deeper near structures. The bass anglers seem to be finding primarily small fish.

At the San Pablo Reservoir, a 24.7lb catfish was landed last week, making it the largest fish caught this year. Other than this, fishing has only really been fair. The final trout plant for the season just went in a few days ago. At Quarry Lakes, it seems that the trout plants haven't livened up the bite much. Pressure is still light despite the fact that trout are going in weekly from this point onward.

River Fishing -

At Klamath, the fishing has been relatively slow. The mouth has seemed to be closed more often than open as of late. In Trinity, the best stretch of the river has been between Cedar Flat and the North Fork if you are looking for salmon. There do not seem to be any steelhead yet, either.

Delta Fishing -

At Frank's Tract, the fishing has been rated as quite good for striped bass. A top water offering during the early morning or late afternoon will usually attract some stripers up to a weight class of 15 lbs. The black bass prospects are definitely beginning to improve as well. At Rio Vista, the annual tournament for striped bass just began and runs until Sunday. Fishing has been forecasted to be particularly fair at the bridge as well as Decker Island, but most of the fish are relatively small right now. Finally, at Tracy, the stripers are becoming more common as heavy as 12 lbs, and there is more black bass activity now, especially along the rockwall. There is also a good bite for catfish as well.

Saltwater Fishing -

In Berkeley and Emeryville, the rock fishing seems to be remaining steady and people are pulling out cod limits and the occasional ling when island trips are taken. The halibut fishing seems to have slowed somewhat, but you will still find plenty of stripers especially at the rockpile and red rocks. At Pillar Point, boats have been kept in the harbor thanks to wind, but the forecast seems to be improving finally. The warm water for albacore is too far away for any good fishing right now.

In the San Francisco Bay, the fishing has been relatively slow thanks to low pressure and too much wind. You will find halibut at both Candlestick and Brisbane if you want to go out looking. There are also some stripers around, but not many. At San Pablo Bay, the stripers are at the Whaling Station and Brothers, especially if you come bearing live shiners. Some of the fish are as high as 8lbs. Trolling seems to be slow right now, but halibut fishing is finally perking up, especially along Red Rock. Finally, at the Suisun Bay, the bite for striped bass remains solid along the Martinez shoreline and Mothball Fleet, but sturgeon fishing appears to have slowed down.

Photo Credits: Rowdy Rider

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