Kona Kampachi — Sustainably Farmed Yellow Tail from Kona Blue [pics]

Kona KampachiHave you ever hear of the Kona Kampachi?  Well I think you will be hearing a lot more about it soon...

The Kona Kampachi is a sashimi grade Hawaiian species of yellowtail (amberjack family and related to hamachi) with no detectable mercury or PCBs... AND IT IS SUSTAINABLE FARMED by Kona Blue.

First a little more about the fish...

  • High fat content 30% and a firm texture... Perfect for sushi or searing or grilling or cooking or ...
  • High levels of Omega-3
  • No Internal Parasites.
  • Available Year Round

Kona Blue Water Farms CageKona Blue uses state of the art (patents pending) deep ocean aquaculture in 200 feet of water a 1/2 mile off of Hawaii's Kona Coast.  It is some of the cleanest water on the planet. They also have developed a flipable cage for easy cleaning.  Finally, the Kona Kampachi is a local species meaning any accidental releases will not harm the environment.

Every step of the process is sustainable...  The first are breed in a land based hatchery with continually refreshing ocean water -- free of hormones or stress.  The hatchlings are feed zoo plankton that are feed specific algae strains. At 6-10 weeks they are large enough to transfer to the off shore pens where they are feed a food that is 30% fish meal and fish oil (sustainably fished Peruvian anchovies and fish parts cast of of processing fish for human consumption) and 70% sustainable agricultural proteins and oils.  (The problem with most aquaculture is that it uses more fish in feed than it produces in human consumable fish.  Kona blue has achieved a 1:1 ratio.)  To top it off Kona Blue only harvest the fish to fulfill orders to ensure the maximum freshness and quality.

The water, the premium ingredients in the fish feed, and the technical improvements are what allows Kona blue to produce Kona Kampachi.

Kona Kampachi SashimiYou can order Kona Kampachi from their website and SFBoater has done just that...  I ordered 4 fillets at $17 per pound plus shipping for an estimated total cost $112.69 (the actual price will be determined by the weight of the fish they ship...  I will be sure to report how the fish taste. (Update: Very Delicious.)

I love fish. I love to fish and I love to eat fish.  I am very concerned for the state of our environment and the world wide wild fish stocks.  I mean for crying out load there will be no salmon fishing this year on the west coast because of record low levels of King Salmon...  The world needs more and better sustainable fishing or by some estimates all commercially viable fishing will be decimated by 2047.  Do your part don't eat any fish that is harvested in an unsustainable manner.  To order check out their website: Kona Blue.

Photo Credits: Kona Blue Water Farms

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